Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5th Times A Charm

Editor note: This was her 5th attempt at sending an email. Each time she tried to send the previous 4 it deleted instead of send.
Okay. this is me finishing my email. AH.
Okay, so to answer your questions, I talk in Spanish as much as I possibly can. I always talk in Spanish with my comps unless I don´t know how to say something in Spanish or I´m venting because my brain can´t process Spanish when I´m angry. We went to the offices today and everyone was speaking English and I was like woah, what is this, and I had a hard time speaking English, but I still have a hard time speaking Spanish so I´m basically no-lingual now.

Okay, to answer your question about the shower, I think it´s electric, but the church handles all of the housing affairs and we talked to them about it today in the offices but nobody seems to think it´s that big of a problem until you actually take a shower in our shower and then it´s like oh yeah showering in lukewarm water is actually really hard. But yeah, there isn´t much we can do, it´s a brand new shower. I'm learning to take it one day at a time. The other day I took a 4 minute shower, washing hair and all. So at least I´m learning useful things. Oh, and I got 2 of your packages today! peanut butter and I think the one with more dry shampoo. You guys are seriously the best, I love getting packages, mail, hand written letters are always nice. We print our emails off in the morning so don´t worry about them being too long, I like to read them during the week so please include lots and lots!!! As for packages, things you could send me...dry shampoo is always a winner, and healthy snacks. Haha yeah I´m asking for healthy snacks. Dry fruit, for sure. I´m trying to be healthy and not eat after 7, and during the day if I´m hungry I always buy bread...I´m going to be so fat after my mission. Seriously I eat so much meat and rice every day, when I get home I´m going to eat salad for the rest of my life. But yeah, healthy is always good.

Since the MTC I´ve been praying to find the people whose ancestors or family in the spirit world are praying for me to find them, and I think this is the case with one family we´ve found. I feel really strongly for them, more than my other investigators, but they´ve got me stumped. WE knocked on the door because we were looking for a less active member, and a kid answered the door, Daniel, and we asked if Jessica lived there and he said no, but we left him with the restoration pamphlet and the plan of salvation pamphlet, and then we taught him the next day, he´s probably the only person who has ever actually read the pamphlet´s, he understood everything but just doesn´t believe it. So then Sunday we stopped by to invite him to church and he wasn´t home, but his sister, Jessica, was. She´s the less active member we were looking for. So he lied to us, and really wants to take the discussions, but said he doesn´t believe in religion. I know this all sounds so sketch but we talked with Jessica and taught her a bit and she´s super sweet, we´re going to start teaching her and try to get her to come back to church, but her mom and husband died within 3 years of each other, and I think about that a lot, like are they on the other side trying to help us out? Anyways, I´ll let you know what happens.

Well, I have to go. I had a lot more interesting email before but...sorry. But I love your emails, please keep me updated on your lives, and tell my punk brother to write me. If you just ask me a bunch of questions, I´ll know better what to tell you each week.

Well, I love you all! I´m going to go home and spend an hour in the bathroom.

Hermana Carter
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