Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The day that Mean Girls was the answer to my prayer.

Mi familia!!! Okay you have to understand that the movie Mean Girls is a running joke here and I loved it before the mission, maybe someone who reads the blog will get this, or one of the 40 people you send my email to. You probably won´t, but that´s okay as long as you can still see the miracle!!!

So, I´ll start with a discourse about Specific Prayer. We had a devo on this at the beginning of the CCM and it changed my life. The just of it is that if you pray for something specific, with faith, then you´ll receive it and it will be a total miracle.

So, for example, last Sunday was probably the last time we were going to watch a movie on Sunday night because hopefully this Sunday I will be packing. And it had been a difficult-ish weekend, for very stupid reasons, which I will tal ves send in a separate email if I have time, and so I prayed and basically said something to the effect of ¨"I really would not mind if we watched Joseph Smith and the Restoration tonight, I´ll try my hardest to be a good missionary, but yeah, if we watched the joseph Smith movie, that would be really really cool." AND WE TOTALLY WATCHED IT. It´s like magic except it is actually faith. Everyone, God is not an absent being who doesn´t care about us anymore!! He hears every prayer and is willing to answer them if we just have enough faith!!!

Well the coolest specific prayer story happened today: Basically, every day I just want to eat meals with our district so badly, because they are all bunches of fun. But there are 6 elders and the tables only fit 6 people and the rule is the girls have to be sitting on the end, so it never happens, they never, EVER invite us to eat with them. But last week I decided to say a specific prayer about it, and I prayed that if I could be as Christ-like as possible to them for the next 3 days or however long it was, then on Wednesday, our P-day (today) during lunch, the elders would INVITE us to eat lunch with them. This is basically unheard of and has never happened in the entire 6 weeks we´ve been here, so I was thinking all week, how could this even happen?? I´ve prayed for something way out there, I believe that God can make anything happen, but this has never ever happened.

This is where Mean Girls comes in. In our district and with some of our other First Generation friends, we have a joke, from Mean Girls, that is basically "on Wednesdays, we wear pink" and in the movie, they say "You´re not wearing pink! You can´t sit with us!" I know this is not making any sense to you, but bear with me. So we throw on our pink, cuz it´s Wednesday. And we get to the comedor, and the two elders who do this "on Wednesdays we wear pink" were both rocking their pink ties. And then basically what happened was the other companionship was late, and they were all like "hey! You guys are wearing pink! You can sit with us!" So we did.

 And that is how God answered my prayer through Mean Girls. Somebody will appreciate that story. Somebody out there. Anybody?

Anyways, that is just one of the many things I wanted to tell you about. Soooooo guess what!!! Finally a familiar face has graced the CCM!!! Kirsten Escobar arrived last night and I saw her at breakfast and freaked out!!!! I was so happy!!! Seeing people you know on the mission is about a billion times cooler than seeing them anywhere else. Also, Dad, I got your letter!!! It was so cool to hear your side of the Obedience letter story!! I specifically prayed about that one too, so it was really cool to see the miracle behind it. I also got a sweet card from the Gillilands!! Are they going on a mission??

Okay, but now to tell some funny stories about Hmo. R.... So we teach him as the investigator "Roberto," and we committed him to baptism a while ago but his date was for August 5th and basically Hma. S... and I are really bad at teaching full lessons, and we don´t always cover all the material, so we had 2 lessons left before his baptism and we hadn´t taught him the 3rd lesson or any of the commandments and he hadn´t been to church on Friday we taught him all of lesson 3, but he broke character halfway through and started laughing at me, because I used subjunctive, which is like, still a big deal, and then we invited him to sing a hymn with us, but dust was blowing in our eyes and we were all trying really hard not to crack was bad. But really funny. But then on Saturday we had 19 things we still needed to check off on his Area book report thing, including every single one of the commandments, so I decided to call it "Bonus round" and we decided to try to knock out all of those 19 checks in one lesson. So we got soooooooo close, we were missing the more important commandments, like law of chastity and tithing, and then  he told us we had to end cuz the lesson was too long. And we had this lesson in a dingy classroom that was being remodeled or something, so as we were leaving he told us to look over and about 3 feet away from where we were sitting what I thought was a pile of dust was actually a dead mouse, and right next to it was a dead cockroach THE SAME SIZE. So we freaked out and ran away and it was funny but also very disgusting. Mexico.

Okay well I´ll send more if I have time but I should try to wrap this up. So to answer your questions, don´t worry about sending me a package...there isn´t really anything I need need...I had peanut butter the other day and it was the most wonderful thing ever. But I´m okay with surviving without luxuries in Ecuador for a while. I still don´t have my flight itinerary, so we don´t know when we're leaving, I want to call you from the airport but I don´t know when that will be or what day. I´m sure I'll be allowed to email you or something when I find out. I´m just so ready to first I didn´t want to because I´m pretty comfortable here and I love all my friends here but I´m getting distracted, I want to teach real people, and not just my teachers, you know? And I feel like I´ll be a lot more focused on the work and less on my own life once I'm in the field, so yeah, I sound like a tonto when I speak Spanish but I can communicate so I don´t even care. I´m SOOOOOOOOOOO ready for my next adventure!!!!! :D

Just a few questions: How is Belle?? Send me a picture of her!!!!! And tell me more what is going on in your lives, please!!! Just like the little things, like if something funny happens at dinner, I don´t know. I just want to know what life is like back in P-town. Just real life, normal stuff. Oh and I loved all of the miracles you told me about this week, like the car, that was really cool. Also, will you forward me Camille´s emails?? I emailed her last week, but I don´t want to take up her time, one hour goes by so fast.

 I think that´s basically all I have time for, just know that I love you all so very very much!!! Give our family my love and tell them to write me!!! And Stockton, thanks for the American flags every week. I need it. Keep your shoes clean, okay?

I´ve never been happier than being a missionary. I used to talk so much about life after the mish but I don´t have that mentality anymore. I never ever want this to end.

Mucho amor!!!

Hermana Carter

Okay, I just want to show you my Spanish skills. So I´ll tell one story in Spanish. Domingo, yo dí mi testimonio en Español, fue muy bien!!! Yo sentí el Espiritu muy fuerte, y muchas personas fueron inspiradas.

 Wow my Spanish is so bad.

 Quito in 5 days!!!

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