Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Subir (go up) y Bajar (go down)

Editors note: Ambato, where she is serving is much like San Francisco, very hilly, hence the title.

First of all, I`m sending my mission tweets. And POR SU PUESTO put them on the blog!!!!!


Unless they`re offensive. Then probably don`t. I`m working on my sarcasm. Not.


Pura crema comes in bags now so much for diet


And after many days, an angel of the Lord appeared unto Hermana Carter, saying, why dost thou drink so much milk? And Hermana Carter said unto him, I know not, save that it is super delicious.


Yoga: I`m probably not doing it right but its giving me a great excuse to lay on the floor for 30 minutes.


Let the wind be blowing the day we do a tour of the sector with 2 elders, the ward mission leader, and the bishop. #foreverashamed


Has a great Harry Potter dream, no one to share it with #theonlynerdinecuador


Two words: bed bugs #mepico


All I`m saying is that if there isn`t Ecuadorian ice cream in Heaven, then i probably just landed myself in the Telestial Kingdom.


Okay!! Familia!!! Como esta!!!1

My Spanish is so much better, not. But today I bought a Spanish/English dictionary so things are looking up. Okay so my Spanish is better in that I`ve learned a lot of great jerga (slang) from my comp, who is super chevre (see what I did there). I`ve been working on my accent but I`ve found out that when I try to speak with an accent people understand me even less. The bishop of another ward told me that my castillano is awful. There is an elder here who is gringo but his accent is perfect, it makes me so angry. Okay so more like it just empowers me to try to learn a better accent. Also we have roommates now, I`ll try not to complain, haha it`s the bane of every college student`s existence, but one is from the states, and when we picked them up from the bus station I decided that I should try to pretend like I know what I`m doing, so I`m actually learning faster this way, sort of like fake it til you make it, but yeah, that`s basically what happened. 

 Okay, before I continue, I have to answer your emails!! I never do!!! It`s because I`m a terrible person. But more like I just have a BILLION things I want to tell you all.

Mom: 3 Nephi 13. Don`t worry about school, the Lord will provide if it`s His will and you do your best. Also know that I pray for you, and all the family, like you are all suffering with the black plague. You are my rock! If you all go down, I`m going down with you. But I will pray more specifically for your school. Also thanks for the tabernacle thing! if I have time, I will print off that talk. How is the good old tempernacle looking? Any success? I want to get married asap after the mission so I never have to live with females again. Okay, that`s not true at all. A little bit. But I`m going to room with Hermana Stewart, and she is bien chevre, so it`s all good. 

Stockton, your flag saved my life the other day, I was drawing in another missionary`s cuaderno and I FORGOT WHAT OUR FLAG LOOKS LIKE. But I had printed one of your flags from the MTC, so I dug through my old letters and the day was saved. I miss USA, but Ecuador is too beautiful and the ice cream and milk is too good for me to be too trunky. Take good care of my compy, please. 

I think in Solanda I learned that some people have to plant a crud ton of seeds, and as for the menos activos, they were the ONLY people we had success with, so we set our goals with them in mind, it was really nice. Anyways, one thing I studied a lot this week is glorifying God. The more I concentrate in glorifying God in the mission, and less in myself, the better I feel, more successful I feel. We need to have good reasons for why we do things, and they can never be temporal or selfish. For example, in the mission, my family, you guys, and my future family, are my biggest reason for being here. When times get hard, and they always do, I think, "how can I turn this situation into something that will make me a good example for my family and for my kids? how can I grow from this experience in such a way that I can be a better wife and mother?" stuff like that.  

Monktulga! You don`t email me but you`re basically family since you`re living in my house. Take good care of my family, and my dog. And keep reading the scriptures, they`re pretty legit.

My new comp! Hermana F... is bien chevre. That`s funny, Alex was neat and clean, it`s like the opposite here. Okay not really, I`m just a tiny bit more "we need to be exactly obedient to the rules and not have hour+ long lessons and we need to be home before 9" but really that`s it. She is super loving, and great at going about doing service. Sometimes I feel like she`s like Jesus and I`m like Peter, where I'm like, RULES RULES and she`s like LOVE LOVE and I`m like chuso I need to get better at this love thing.

 So, I think we`re in need of a section of good news and bad news.

Good news! I took my first hot shower this week!! Bad news, we ran out of gas, so it`s back to cold showers. 

Good news! I haven`t been sick at all this week! Bad news, I am like 60% sure I have bed bugs. I have weird itchy bites all over me and so does Hermana F.... I read that Camille has bed bugs too? I`m not totally sure, but I put anti itch juice on one of the bites and now it`s just this sketchy looking...bite. Yeah, who knows. We`re going to call today. Because we live 3 hours away from everything we don`t get Book of Mormons, pamphlets, packages, or help when we have bed bugs very often, so we`ll see what happens.

Good news! This week was the first time I had a RICISIMO lunch!!!! Seriously, it`s called Cebollo I think, it`s like a soup but sort of tastes like your green chile, Dad, and then after we had FRUIT SALAD. I literally almost started crying because I was so happy. I basically inhaled the food. Bad news, more or less the food makes both me and Hermana Flores sick, aka nobody to secretly eat my food for me. But we have a game that if she eats my food, I have to buy her Yogoso, and vice versa. Yogoso is like a frozen yogurt otter pop. I had a dream that our family, whole family, extended and everything, were eating the ice cream of Ecuador together, and I`m pretty sure it was a vision of the celestial kingdom.

Things to send me: by internet, more workouts, like yoga or something, for my arms and abs, I think I'm getting fat. Also recipes for stuff like green chile, or idk, easy stuff, pancakes, whatever. As for guac, dad, I can get everything except the salsa. Have you been sending me packages every week?? Cuz you really don`t have to! Haha you guys are the best, but seriously, don`t go broke because of me, I can buy more food than I need here. But if you want to send me homemade stuff cookies are always a good thing. Also thanks for the water bottle! I think I forgot to thank you, but thank you. It saved my life. 

Okay so the pan in Ambato is supposedly the best bread in Ecuador, so I`m really pushing myself with this diet thing or else I`m going to die. We also have an investigator who works in a cake shop so my life is basically over. Also I found a correo close by so I can send some stuff home, I'll try to send it when I get your next package so I can use the box. It should arrive sometime before the second coming.

The ward here is TINY. Haha like 90 people or something. We just got a new ward mission leader, and we have no ward missionaries, but we have 6 missionaries in the ward-. Our ward mission leader is legit, he is like a combination of my mission president and Morgan Freeman.

I`ll explain a little bit about the roommate situation, real quick. It really isn`t so bad. It`s just living with only one person for once was really nice. Like after exercising my comp went to take a shower and I was like, woah, I'm alone for the first time in weeks. So I just danced around the house like an idiot because I could. But now we have 2 new missionaries living with us, and it`s hard because we all need to take showers and stuff. 

INVESTIGATORS. Haha I can actually tell you about them!! These people are old so when they are baptized I won`t count them as my first cuz I didn`t find them, but we have Eddie, and he literally looks like an Ecuatoriano Randy. It`s pretty funny, he`s super nice, and was our only investigator who came to church yesterday. We also have the Bastante family and they`re all related somehow but I`m not really sure, they basically don`t understand a single thing but want to be baptized so badly, that`s what I want to see, people who are really feeling it. Aaand that`s basically it. Haha

So remember the IV story? This week something EVEN WORSE happened. We were teaching this lady who is definitely a little bit crazy, and she lives in this tiny tiny  house, and it was like 8 or something and our area is actually really dangerous at night, which is good, you know, don`t worry mom, and we went into her house but her neighbor saw us and got all mad because we are missionaries, so like 30 seconds into the lesson he cut the power and it was PITCH BLACK and we were like okay invite her to church, share a scripture, and bail. So we shared a scripture, it was nice and spiritual, and we invited her to church and she was like no way and started telling us all about these times when she`s visited churches and the pastors are like satanic weirdos and try to do exorcisms on her, and it`s happened like 5 times and she wanted to tell us all about it, and I basically have never felt more scared in my life. Some serious prayers were said in that moment. Can you imagine?! Sitting in a tiny room, it`s pitch black and this crazy lady is telling you all about her weird exorcism experiences? Yeah, I`ll take IV lady any day, thanks.

And I had better explain the subject line, haha. Basically here it`s hills, hills, and more hills. And we live on the 5th floor, sooooo subir y bajar.

Well, I know I`ve forgotten things, but this is pretty long and as always, super scattered. Just know that I love you all SOOOOO MUCH!!! Tell our family I say hi!! And tell Hunter that a mission is a lot more fun than boot camp.

Until next week!

Hermana Carter

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