Monday, October 28, 2013

A Week BIéN Cheveré

Familia y amigos! 

Well, this week was BIEN CHEVERÉ because I had my first baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!! Dominica and Johanna were baptized and confirmed this weekend!!! Seriously, it was an insane Saturday. Haha I think Satan is trying to kill me or something because I drank a TON of expired milk for breakfast, haha I felt so sick I thought I was going to die. But I specifically prayed that I would survive the day so we could have the baptism and we did!!! It was so great!!! But even better was the confirmation the next day!!! That was super surreal, like seeing these people who I love so much and I´ve worked with so long be confirmed members of the church. I didn´t feel like "oh look at this thing I did!" because I legit didn´t do anything, I´ve learned by now that it is the Lord who changes the hearts, not the missionaries. No I felt more like "hey, two of my really good friends are Mormon now!!!" haha but I also felt really strongly just how important the baptism and confirmation are. Like I felt so much like this really is a legit promise that they just made with God. It was pretty cool. The picture is me and Dominica. The other picture is me, Dominica and Johanna and Eliza. I started teaching Eliza with Hermana Flores but it turned out she lived in the Elder´s sector so they finished her teaching. And I didn´t start teaching Dominica or Johanna but I did finish it so it was sort of full circle there. Pretty cool!!!

 Dad, I got the package with more dry shampoo and the rice krispy treats with chocolate. I basically swallowed them, they were so good. Haha I think I´m good on dry shampoo though, and tide to go. Haha but actually if you guys can find a REALLY good Spanish/English dictionary, you can send that in the next package because I bought one here that I lovingly named Basura because it never has any of the words I need and all the words in English are spelled wrong, it´s really funny. 

Well I have more evidence that Ecuador is actually middle earth. Here are my comparisons. My first area in Solanda is Rohan, and where the offices in Quito are is Gondor, and Baños is Rivendell, and Ambato, where I am now, is the Shire. Also they sell Lamnas bread. (uhhh didn´t spell that right don´t have Google sorry)

Well this week we had a special training with President Ghent on the new rules of how we´re supposed to work with menos activos and recent converts. I´m super excited, and during the training I had a realization. Even though in my last area we had zero progressing investigators and zero baptisms, we had INCREDIBLE success with the less active members. Well sort of. I just remember one time where I was talking with one member who had gone inactive because of work, and everything we said about the commandments wasn´t really working, but I felt impressed to ask him if he received the priesthood yet, and he said no, and I bore my testimony of how much of a blessing it is to have the priesthood in my home, and he started coming back to church because of that so he could prepare to receive the priesthood. That is real success!!! Following the promptings of the Spirit to help bring somebody back into the fold!! So I´m super excited for this, and super excited to work as hard as I can so we can meet this new goal of 34 lessons a week!!!

Well, I also had another realization this week. We were studying in the church and I was reading Alma 26 and 29 because that´s like the missionary energy drink of the Book of Mormon, and I realized that I am super, super happy here. Like, sometimes it´s really easy to get caught up in how hard of a task the mission is, but as I was thinking I realized that really the mission is more fun than anything else I´ve done in my life so far. Seriously, every day I get to study the gospel for 4 hours. And then after that it´s more or less socially acceptable for me to stop people in the street (or at times run after them like a crazy person) to take down their name and number, and then I get to make all these great friends and help them to come unto Christ and make covenants and set them on the path to Eternal Life, I get to have the Spirit with me all the time, knowing how many people are praying for the missionaries, receiving more gospel education from great people like President and Hermana Ghent, yeah the mission is actually the best thing ever. Even though it´s SUUUUUUUPER hard, it is still pretty dang awesome. I´m not sure how I feel about this, because I miss you guys so much and I want to be with you, and I want to have a life with education and I think about my future kids a ton and I want to be a mom and all that good stuff but the mission is the best thing ever so I guess the only solution for this is that when my mission in Ecuador ends we´re going to give me a new identity so I can live a double life where as Kaela I have my family and I go to school and I live somewhere where people flush their toilet paper, but then my secret identity of Hermana Carter, (or maybe it could be like Hermana Batman because this is a secret identity after all) will be that I´m actually still a missionary and I go out and do missionary stuff like teach lessons and study and tocar puertas and all that good stuff. I´m not totally sure how I´ll manage that because the missionary life is 24/7 but I´ll figure it out. I guess the other solution is that I serve a billion missions with my husband when we´re old. One of the office missionaries, who is also my friend, has the best life ever. This is her third mission with her husband, the first two were temple missions or something. That is the life. That is what I want.

Well, we get two hours to write and somehow I have a lot of time left so I´m going to keep chugging along with this email, hehe. Time for some good news, bad news.

Good news: transfers are next week. Other good news: I don´t have bed bugs anymore. Bad news: The fleas are back. I think it´s like the Nephites and the Lamanites, like the bed bugs are the Nephites and the Lamanites are the fleas, and for a while they were dwelling in peace and prosperously feasting upon my poor flesh but they have battles and sometimes the fleas win so I just get a lot of flea bites one week but then the next week the bed bugs prevail so I get a lot of bed bug bites and every now and then I have to intervene and smite them with my rod (or Raid, hehe) and they calm down and then volver...thus has been the cycle.

But, before I forget, Dad, I made your guac for our ward, and it was a hit. Everyone comments on it now, haha. Except I accidentally made spicy instead of mild and picante in Ecuador is not a thing so it was hilarious, everyone was like "Aaahhh Hermana Carter muy picante pero muy muy rico" and they couldn´t stop eating it. It was great, yum yum yum. Also all your missionary efforts lately are blowing my mind.

Well, here we part, until next week, and I´ll have news about transfers!!! Specifically pray that I´ll stay in Ambato because I am in love with this place.

I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week and seguir adelante!!!

Love, Hermana Carter
My first volcano eruption!!

Oh, mission tweets, hehe ;)

Me, buying hot chocolate: "Can I add flavors?"

Him: "Why would you do that? That doesn´t make any sense."

Me: I was born in the promised land.

 Let it be known to the world that I am the type of missionary who drinks a quart of milk during weekly planning session.

 My greatest joys on the mission have been as follows: When my first investigator accepted a baptismal date, the first time I saw my family investigators come to church, the day I discovered that mega maxi sells nutella.

Well, the long night of apostasy has ended and there has been a glorious restoration of light and truth on the earth once more. Or, in other words, the apartment now has hot water.

Serious tweet: I´m beginning to realize that even in the hardest of circumstances, life on the mission is still one of the happiest things I´ve ever experienced.

Somebody tells a joke, search in my spanish/english dictionary, ten minutes later start laughing, everybody thinks I´m insane.

Me: Ah, a nice, peaceful P-Day...



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