Monday, November 4, 2013

Bed Bugs and New Comp. Not one in the Same!

Inspired by Camille: I´m going to title this email "That awkward moment when you think the 5 week battle with bed bugs is over and then wake up with 18 new bites. *throws mattress out into the fuerte Ecuadorian sun to fry*"

Yep. Thanks Camille for the subject line! Haha story of my life.

Well, I´m just going to have to start with mission tweets so I can stall longer with the companion thing. Hehehehehehehehehehe ;)

Appropriate landmarks: panaderias, schools, street signs. non-appropriate landmarks: dogs, taxis, creepy guy staring at us in the street.

Walk of shame into the mamita´s house after accidentally offending them last week. #soawk

Things I regret saying to my mission president:

1. We should street contact more so we don´t have to knock doors.

2. I´m having an emotional breakdown.

3. Sometimes I feel like a leper.

How I´m trying to learn tu form:

1. Praying in tu form

2. Talking to small children in tu form

3. talking to dogs in tu form

4. Talking to myself in tu form.

The feeling of eating all the food in the house right before transfers is equally thrilling as finishing the bottles of shampoo and conditioner at the same time.

I think it´s about time that I mention that everyone in Ecuador has the exact same car alarm. And the alarm will go off if you so much as breathe on the car.

I think a good way to describe charity is that there is a super crazy lady yelling about mandarinas in the street and I love her a whole lot.

Also here is a sweet quote I found from The Fellowship of the Ring:
"The road must be trod, but it will be very hard. And neither strength nor wisdom will carry us far upon it. This quest must be attempted by the weak with as much hope as the strong. Yet it is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: Small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere."

Yep, bacansisimo. Well, I only remember one thing from this week and it basically includes me weeping like a crazy person when we had Juanito tell us that he didn´t want to get baptized because he wanted to continue drinking and playing sports on Sundays. I´ve cried three times in my mission, and I was a little weirded out like why am I crying so much about this...but I think that´s a good thing. He came to church on Sunday, so that was pretty good. 

I had better tell you about the last 24 hours. They´ve been a little crazy. Last night we got the call and the verdict is in...I´M GOING TO TRAIN WHUT WHUT WHUT. haha my poor little hija (daughter). So I thought I was supposed to be in Quito on Wednesday, but, I got another call at 11:30 at night from the assistants and they were like hey you need to be in Quito tomorrow so...yeah. And I was like uh....bacan. Okay, back to bed. But then my ZL called me, and he was super funny about it but I basically got no sleep last night, and then at 10 this morning I was on a bus to Quito! Also I was completely alone with Elders and sitting on a bus for 2 and a half hours with an elder and talking to him is just the weirdest thing ever. Like, I know I sound like an awkward missionary here but that is just the truth.

So here´s what I think. I´m just going to have to stay in Ambato my entire mission because I can´t do Quito again. I´m going to have to have a couple more transfers in Ambato, and then Baños, and then Oriente (the jungles!!!) But I don´t want to return to Quito. I love coming to the offices because all the secretaries who are here on their senior couple missions are my friends, so I got to hang out with them all day haha. Also I had Subway and I bought a footlong (or 30 cm cuz I guess we´re in a different hemisphere or something) and ate it in like 4 minutes because that´s what a three hour bus ride does to you. It´s like going to St. George except you don´t have the hopeful prospect of Benjas, but American food and the Panaderia of magic are here so when you´re on a mission in a foreign land it´s just about as good. I also bought like 4 new forros for my agenda and himnario, I don´t even know why. I´m going to send you guys my old one and Dad you can use it when you visit the Spanish ward to declare the work of Salvation to them.

Anyways, I think that´s about all I´m going to be able to say today, sorry for the short letter (ha) but yeah, I´m going to send this along before I get caught for peeking at my comp. Love you all a ton!!!

Hermana Carter

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