Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finally, after a long week of no contact we finally received an email from Kaela, giving just a few details of her first week. It sounds like she is off to a great start and enjoying it.
Here it is:
Ah okay so next time I will write this first and reply to everyone second, I hope this gets to you because whenever I reply to your emails I keep getting a weird message back.

 Today is pday and we went to the temple. The temple in Spanish was hard but way cool, I´ll try to send some pictures

Sundays here are literally the best. It was fast and testimony meeting so imagine 20 missionaries getting up to bear their testimonies. The Spirit was overwhelming

 We live in little casitas with about 10 other missionaries. I room with my companion Hermana S..., and all the other Quito girls are in our house too but separate rooms. The first few days we didn´t have hot showers and it was probably the worst thing ever. Hermana S... and I spent all our free time (the 2.5 seconds of free time we have) to go look for someone to fix the shower and eventually it worked and it was like the best thing that´s happened here so far. Hermana S... is like my kindred spirit. I hit the jackpot with my companion, we get along so great and she is so much fun. We goof off maybe a little too much but we´re working on it. I´ll send a picture of us at the temple today

 Mexico is so weird. There are tons of cool birds here, Hermana S... and I call them avionitas and it is surprisingly hard to not chase them. We were told to be dignified, whatever that means. JK. I´m definitely slowly but surely getting more serious as a person, but I still quote Nacho maybe a little bit too much. My district here is awesome. We all are basically laughing all the time because everyone is so funny. But we are the intermediate program, so we decided as a district that we are going to try "immersion" which basically means that we speak "solomente espanol" which actually happens sometimes and sometimes doesn´t. But we had a great district meeting yesterday and we are a lot more determined to work harder now. Ah, I wish I had more time. I have like 14 minutes and there is so much I want to tell you.

 For the 4th of July I have never missed America more in my life. Not true. I missed America when I got really sick on Monday because the food here is just crazy. I emailed Stockton more details about the food, though. But the 4th of July was so cool. all the North Americans dressed up in red white and blue, and we didn´t even plan it. Well, all the girls did, for the most part. I got a picture of it, it made my day when Hermana Pratt dressed up too.

Spanish is kicking my butt. Not really. On the days when I do the immersion really well, I feel like I´m doing way better. I´ve been trying to pray in Spanish but I haven´t learned prayer vocab yet, so my prayers are a jumbled mess and I´m glad that Heavenly Father speaks Ugly Spanglish.

I love being a missionary. The scriptures are like, as clear as day for me now. I love learning from them with the intent to help our progressing investigator, Armando. Our first lesson with him we committed him to baptism and he said yes, but he wasn´t ready. So every lesson since we´ve been trying to get him to commit to a date, and right now he hasn´t felt the Spirit yet but we´re hoping tonight will go better.


Okay, That isn´t it, this will never be it, but I have not much time left. I love you all so much. I miss you every day but I love being here. I hope these pictures will work you can see how great it is here.

Also the garlic pills are working. Hallelujiah.

Much love, Hermana Kaela Carter

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