Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nothing Like Being a Missionary

I don´t even know where to begin. This week has felt about a thousand years long, but it flew by, and just so much crazy stuff happened. Dad, I read my district your obedience email and we´ve started a district challenge. I think it is going pretty well but we´ve only been at it for a few days. All the elders had a really hard time with the fast though. It was actually really funny. Basically every day with my district is really funny though, for the most part.

 The biggest thing this week is that I´ve been sick since last Wednesday. I think I have a cold or something, and it has taught me a lot. Usually whenever I get sick I just take some medicine and I´m fine but for whatever reason nothing I took helped me to feel any better, and I was getting worse and worse and it was awful. Eventually I was reading my mission scripture, Ether 12:4 and I looked at the footnotes for ´g´ and I don´t remember the scriptures off the top of my head, John 11:4 maybe, but it was like they were speaking right to me and I felt impressed that my sickness was for God´s glory, and I wasn´t going to get better unless I got a priesthood blessing. Definitely unusual, I´ve never been the type of person to ask just anyone for a healing blessing, I don´t know why but usually medicine works. So it took me like 3 days to swallow my pride and build up the courage to ask one of the elders in my district, but eventually I did and seriously, the second I asked him and his comp for a blessing I immediately started to feel better. And then it took us all day to find the time for them to give me the blessing, and I don´t really know why I was like this but I just had to swallow all my pride up until the very minute they did the anointing thing. Anyways, the elder I asked, Elder Santillan, actually gave me a great blessing. It was the first priesthood blessing he had ever given, if I remember right, and he did a good job. It was really comforting, and talked about how if I worked hard then I would be healed, and how the Lord knows this is a difficult time for me, being away from my family and having all these new experiences. I don´t remember much but it really was so comforting and I felt better the next day. I´m still a little sick though, which is a bummer, but it isn´t affecting my work like it was before. And now my comp is sick so I feel really bad. I think I got sick from one of the Latina girls who was living with us, because they were both sick at one point, and an elder in my district was sick doesn´t matter though, I just hope I get better soon. But please pray for me. And Camille, I really hope she is okay. Please keep me updated on her, okay?

 So I´ve been printing out your emails in the morning and then responding in the afternoon so you can write me as much as you want. I´m not sure what it´ll be like in the field but at least for now don´t worry about taking up too much of my time, alright? Friends and family who read this, heed my words. Also letters take 2 weeks to get here so I can´t wait to hear from you all!!! Packages can´t come here, but they can go to Ecuador so send them there. The first things I can think of that I want are probably more tide to go, since I´m sure it will all be gone by the time I leave here, thanks to my wonderful district, also more of those bath and body works hand sanitizers, I probably have like 50 in that orange basket in my room, but not the blue kind or fresh market apple. And American food. I still have my nutella but anything American, seriously I will love it. Also dry shampoo. Ask somebody who knows what that is and send me a bunch because I never have time to wash my hair. I didn´t shower today cuz our water was brown, ew and ew. Asi pasa a veces. Probs didn´t spell that right. Also I forgot my white v-neck undershirt, so if you could send that, that would be lovely. And pictures, whatever else you think I will enjoy. I will love anything and everything.

 So we are teaching our teachers as investigators now, right? I like it because I can ask them for advice after, but other than that it is a little weird. However, we have committed both of them to baptism, one on our second lesson and the other on our third. I don´t know if they are going easy on us, because our elders have been talking about how they won´t keep any commitments, but yeah, it´s interesting. I am not so sure this is how it will be in the field though, but we just love them and they respond well.

What else, what else...I was in a trio for 2 days and it was pretty fun. The other two sisters in our district took off for the field this morning and Monday so now we are the only girls in our district. But I get along with everyone pretty well, so it´s okay.

Okay I remembered 1 more thing. Last night we had a devotional that was a rebroadcast of Elder Russel M Nelson at the Provo MTC and his wife spoke and all she said was that we need to pray to be led to the people whose ancestors are praying for us, and it for the rest of the devotional I hardly heard anything else because that just gave me a whole new perspective on genealogy and family history and temple work and missionary work and the spirit world...I thought a lot about Grandma and I can honestly say I  have never felt more that she is watching out for me than I have the last 3 weeks of being a missionary. It is so cool, humbling, I don´t know what else to say.

Last miracle. I was teaching Carlos with Hermana S... and we were teaching about Joseph Smith and he asked why Satan attacked him before the first vision and I had no idea how to answer that in Spanish, but I knew which scripture I wanted to use, but I didn´t know exactly which verse, and I only had my Spanish scriptures, so I said a quick prayer and opened up to 2 Nephi 2 and I told him to read verse 11, praying that it was the opposition in all things one, and later I looked it up and it WAS!!! Ah, so cool. Miracles like that every day.

 Well, I  love you and miss you all more than you even know. I love being a missionary, and the only thing that would make it better is if you were all here to see and experience everything I have seen and experienced. Keep praying, all the time, and Love the Lord. That´s all I can say. I love you all so much, have a great week!!!

Love Hermana Kaela Carter

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